FAQs for SIGIR 2024


Q: SIGIR and the WebConf are leading conferences in the same field; this year WebConf 2024 final notifications will only be released days after the SIGIR 2024 full paper submission deadline. Can I submit my WebConf 2024 paper that is under review to SIGIR 2024?
A: In Short: Yes, but make sure you withdraw the paper from SIGIR 2024 as soon as you are notified that it has been accepted in WebConf 2024.
Long Answer: It is unfortunate that this year there is a small overlap between WebConf notifications and SIGIR full paper submission. However, due to the time of year with some major holidays and celebrations around the world, and the pressing reviewing and publishing timelines associated with SIGIR, we could not defer the SIGIR submission deadline to a later date. However, we do understand the relationship between topics in WebConf and SIGIR. Because of this, we are allowing an exception to the dual submission policy (which forbids dual submissions) for papers that are currently under review at WebConf 2024.
As an author submitting to SIGIR 2024 a paper that is under review at WebConf 2024, you need to:

  1. Notify the SIGIR 2024 PC Chairs that you are submitting a paper that is currently awaiting notification from WebConf 2024. Do so by emailing sigir24@easychair.org (with subject: WebConf Dual Submission id = < insert your SIGIR 2024 paper id >).
    • Do this as soon as you submit the paper in the SIGIR 2024 Easychair.
  2. Make sure that in your submission to SIGIR 2024 you have addressed the comments you received from the WebConf 2024 reviewers during the rebuttal process. In other words, make sure you have addressed their feedback and made a stronger paper, so that their reviewing effort does not get wasted, and you have more chances of acceptance into SIGIR 2024.
  3. Withdraw the paper from SIGIR 2024 as soon as you receive notification of acceptance at WebConf. When you do so, also email the SIGIR 2024 PC Chairs for courtesy: sigir24@easychair.org (with subject: WebConf Dual Submission Withdrawal)

Note, this exception ONLY applies to WebConf 2024, and no other exceptions will be considered. All other dual submissions as defined in https://www.acm.org/publications/policies/simultaneous-submissions will incur desk rejection.

Q: I would like to volunteer to review for the Full/Short paper tracks at SIGIR 2024. How can I put my name forward?
A: Please fill in the form at https://forms.gle/jRE2FXwyi4K33breA by midnight January 18, 2024 (AoE)

Q: I would like to volunteer to review for the Resource&Reproducibility track at SIGIR 2024. How can I put my name forward?
A: We are looking for more reviewers for this year's track. We think this is a great track to review for with both interesting papers and a light reviewer load (2-3 papers per person). If you are interested, please fill up this short form: https://forms.gle/eLnZvA6mfE6rDgzz7.

Q: I would like to volunteer to review for the Demo paper tracks at SIGIR 2024. How can I put my name forward?
A: Please email your request to sigir24-demos@easychair.org .

Q: What constitutes a conflict of interest (COI) when reviewing for SIGIR 2024?
A: For SIGIR 2024, you have a conflict of interest in the following circumstances:

  1. Notable personal or professional rivalry/animosity (publicly known or not).
  2. The lifelong relationship between Ph.D. student and Ph.D. supervisor (so please note we ask you to mark your supervisor/supervisee as a COI, regardless of the year of completion).
  3. Personal or family relationships that would reasonably cause others to doubt impartiality.
  4. Potential for financial gain or significant recognition, personally or for a close associate or family member.
  5. Within the last *three years* or reasonably expected within the next year:
    • Working closely together or at the same organization (i.e. you both work for the same organization)
    • Supervisor/Supervisee relationship exists
    • Funder or program manager/awardee relationship exists
    • Recipients of joint funding or significant professional collaboration
    • Joint authorship of an archival publication (e.g., an item having a DOI)

Any person having a conflict of interest will not participate in the reviewing, discussion or decision on the paper.

Q: I am a reviewer for the Full/Short paper tracks at SIGIR 2024. Why I haven’t received the papers I bid for?
A: Please note that you might not be assigned papers you have bidded for. We will do our best to assign you papers that match your expertise.

Q: Does SIGIR 2024 allow submitted papers to be on archival/pre-print platforms, e.g arxiv?
A: Yes, it does. Please see Arxiv Policy for more details.

Q: How could I strengthen my paper so it has a higher chance of acceptance?
A: While there are no hard set rules that determines the acceptance of your paper, a number of guidelines/rule of thumbs/suggestions have been compiled over time by the community. We list a couple that you might critically consider: