SIRIP 2024 - Program

The SIGIR Symposium on IR in Practice (SIRIP) 2024 will be held as part of ACM SIGIR 2024, onsite (in Washington DC, USA). We aim to provide an opportunity for researchers, engineers, practitioners, analysts and consumers to meet and discuss the latest and greatest Information Retrieval (IR) technologies as deployed in companies, big and small, and to be the premier forum for knowledge sharing across the boundary between academia and industry.

SIRIP will take place on Monday, July 15th, and Wednesday, July 17th.

Monday, July 15th, 2024
Monday AM Session 1 Session Chair: Edgar Meij
10:30 - 11:30 Statler A&B Opening remarks
Keynote #1
Paul Bennett, Spotify
Title: Toward AI-Powered Next Generation Personalized Experiences
Monday AM Session 1 Track 1: LLMs Session Chair: Edgar Meij
11:30 - 12:45 Statler A&B Scott Rome, Tianwen Chen, Raphael Tang, Luwei Zhou and Ferhan Ture "Ask Me Anything": How Comcast Uses LLMs to Assist Agents in Real Time
Tempest van Schaik and Brittany Pugh A Field Guide to Automatic Evaluation of LLM-Generated Summaries
Sonal Sannigrahi, Thiago Fraga-Silva, Youssef Oualil and Christophe Van Gysel Synthetic Query Generation using Large Language Models for Virtual Assistants
Vinay Setty Surprising Efficacy of Fine-Tuned Transformers for Fact-Checking over Larger Language Models
Wei Chen, Yixin Ji, Zeyuan Chen, Jia Xu and Zhongyi Liu LLMGR: Large Language Model-based Generative Retrieval in Alipay Search
14:45 - 15:45 Monday PM Session 2 Track 1: Domain-specific Session Chair: Tracy King
Pan American Scott Hale, Kiran Garimella and Shiri Dori-Hacohen Misinformation Mitigation Praxis: Lessons Learned and Future Directions from Co·Insights
Kang Zhao, Xinyu Zhao, Zhipeng Jin, Yi Yang, Wen Tao, Cong Han, Shuanglong Li and Lin Liu Enhancing Baidu Multimodal Advertisement with Chinese Text-to-Image Generation via Bilingual Alignment and Caption Synthesis
Sebastian Björkqvist Relevance Feedback Method For Patent Searching Using Vector Subspaces
Johny Moreira, Altigran da Silva, Edleno de Moura and Leandro Marinho A Study on Unsupervised Question and Answer Generation for Legal Information Retrieval and Precedents Understanding
Monday PM Session 2 Track 2: LLMs Session Chair: Moumita Bhattacharya
Statler A&B Shi Zong, Santosh Kolagati, Amit Chaudhary, Josh Seltzer and Jimmy Lin Reflections on the Coding Ability of LLMs for Analyzing Market Research Surveys
Zhentao Xu, Mark Jerome Cruz, Matthew Guevara, Tie Wang, Manasi Deshpande, Xiaofeng Wang and Zheng Li Retrieval-Augmented Generation with Knowledge Graphs for Customer Service Question Answering
Chenhao Fang, Xiaohan Li, Zezhong Fan, Jianpeng Xu, Kaushiki Nag, Evren Korpeoglu, Sushant Kumar and Kannan Achan LLM-Ensemble: Optimal Large Language Model Ensemble Method for E-commerce Product Attribute Value Extraction
16:00 - 17:30Monday PM Session 3 Track 1: E-comm Session Chair: Surya Kallumadi
Pan American Jiaqi Deng, Kaize Shi, Huan Huo, Dingxian Wang and Guandong Xu Homogeneous-listing-augmented Self-supervised Multimodal Product Title Refinement
Wenyu Huang, Andre de Oliveira Melo and Jeff Pan A Large-scale Offer Alignment Model for Partitioning Filtering and Matching Product Offers
Chaoqun Hou, Yuanhang Zhou, Yi Cao and Tong Liu ECAT: A Entire space Continual and Adaptive Transfer Learning Framework for Cross-Domain Recommendation
Enqiang Xu, Yiming Qiu, Mingming Li, Ping Zhang, Guoyu Tang, Lin Liu and Songlin Wang Optimizing E-commerce Search: Toward a Generalizable and Rank-Consistent Pre-Ranking Model
Jinhan Liu, Qiyu Chen, Junjie Xu, Junjie Li, Baoli Li and Sulong Xu A Unified Search and Recommendation Framework based on Multi-Scenario Learning for Ranking in E-commerce
Huimu Wang, Mingming Li, Dadong Miao, Songlin Wang, Tang Guoyu, Lin Liu, Sulong Xu and Jinghe Hu A Preference-oriented Diversity Model Based on Mutual-information in Re-ranking for E-commerce Search
Monday PM Session 3 Track 2: Recsys and social Session Chair: Jayant Kumar
Statler A&B Cong Jiang, Zhongde Chen, Bo Zhang, Yankun Ren, Xin Dong, Lei Cheng, Xinxing Yang, Longfei Li, Jun Zhou and Linjian Mo GATS: Generative Audience Targeting System for Online Advertising
Chihwei Hsu, Martin Mladenov, Ofer Meshi, James Pine, Hubert Pham, Shane Li, Xujian Liang, Anton Polishko, Li Yang, Ben Scheetz and Craig Boutilier Minimizing Live Experiments in Recommender Systems: User Simulation to Evaluate Preference Elicitation Policies
Pau Kung, Zihao Fan, Tong Zhao, Yozen Liu, Zhixin Lai, Jiahui Shi, Yan Wu, Jun Yu, Neil Shah and Ganesh Venkataraman Improving Embedding-Based Retrieval in Friend Recommendation with ANN Query Expansion
Srijan Saket, Olivier Jeunen and Md. Danish Kalim Monitoring the Evolution of Behavioural Embeddings in Social Media Recommendation
Siddharth Sharma, Shiyun Yang, Tarun Sharma, Joaquin Delgado and Ajinkya Walimbe Striking the Right Chord: A Comprehensive Approach to Amazon Music Search Spell Correction
Yongchun Zhu, Jingwu Chen, Ling Chen, Yitan Li, Feng Zhang and Zuotao Liu Interest Clock: Time Perception in Real-Time Streaming Recommendation System
Wednesday, July 17th, 2024
Wednesday AM Session 1 Session Chair: Tao Ye
10:30 - 11:15 Statler A&B Keynote #2
Vanessa Murdock, Amazon
Title: Responsible Generative IR
11:15 - 12:15 Wednesday PM Session 2 Track 1: Search Assist Session Chair: Tao Ye
Statler A&B Mayank Kejriwal, Hamid Haidarian, Min-Hsueh Chiu, Andy Xiang and Faizan Javed A Semantic Search Engine for Helping Patients Find Doctors and Locations in a Large Healthcare Organization
Junyu Luo, Cheng Qian, Lucas Glass and Fenglong Ma Clinical Trial Retrieval via Multi-grained Group-based Similarity Learning
Shaodan Zhai, Yuwei Chen and Yixue Li Embedding Based Deduplication in E-commerce AutoComplete
Nikhita Vedula, Oleg Rokhlenko and Shervin Malmasi Contextual Question Suggestions for Effective Conversation Flow in Shopping Assistants
Wednesday PM Session 2 Track 2: Domain-specific Session Chair: Jan Malte Lichtenberg
Pan American Rankyung Park, Amit Pande, David Relyea, Pushkar Chennu and Prathyusha Kanmanth Reddy SLH-BIA: Short-Long Hawkes Process for Buy It Again Recommendations at Scale
Md Mostafizur Rahman, Daisuke Kikuta, Yu Hirate and Toyotaro Suzumura Graph-Based Audience Expansion Model for Marketing Campaigns
Artemis Capari, Hosein Azarbonyad, Georgios Tsatsaronis, Zubair Afzal and Judson Dunham ScienceDirect Topic Pages: A Knowledge Base of Scientific Concepts Across Various Science Domains
Wednesday PM Session 3 Panel and closing Session Chair: Tao Ye
14:00 - 15:15 Statler A&B Moderator: Tracy Holloway King (Adobe)
  • Jon Degenhardt (eBay)
  • Rosie Jones (Spotify)
  • Donald Metzler (Google)
  • Chirag Shah (Univ. of Washington)
Panel: Are Embeddings Enough? SIRIP Panel on the Future of Embeddings in Industry IR Systems
Closing remarks